June 26, 2020

Pregnancy is the most magical period of a woman’s life, you join forces with the Creator to bring to birth life’s most precious gift, a baby, your baby!! The changes in your body during this period are phenomenal, and though you may not feel like yourself, we believe that this beautiful yet fleeting moment of your life needs to be documented in the most captivating way!

Our maternity sessions or “mummy glam” sessions as we choose to call them, can be summed up in three words: artistic, relaxing and elegant! Right from makeup and hair styling to choosing from our selection of stylish and flattering gowns and accessories, we make sure you look and feel the most beautiful version of yourself as we create the most unique art you and baby will treasure forever!

Maternity sessions are best held between 28-36 weeks and we recommend booking your session before this period. Our studio is equipped with a beautiful hair and make-up studio and services can be booked as part of your session. You have the option of having your session inside our studio or in our beautiful studio garden.