• Dr Mavis Owureku-Asare
    All I can say is we were really lucky to find Babies by Bazal! When I had my baby some years back and wanted a photoshoot for her, It was very stressful trying to coordinate costume and colours for the shoot. I had to make do with a home session which was not easy to coordinate especially for a new born.... Then I discovered Babies by Bazal on Instagram and I was blown away by the quality of her pictures and creativity for putting different themes together. I couldnt help but book an appointment for my daughter when she turned 9 months. Bazal's attention to detail is commendable and the session was fun and hustle free because she worked with a team who took care of everything. Being a mother herself she was very hands on with my daughter keeping her calm and active throughout the session. Now I am addicted to her work! Being a perfectionist myself when it comes to the photography, I didnt know I would meet my match! 😊 She is highly professional and creative yet critical about her work. I love the fact that I can book an appointment and not stress about what to wear or what concept to go with. She always works around my suggestions and get me the results I want. She goes beyond my expectations, especially when I see the final work. She has over the years captured precious moments for my family and I particularly love the mother's day portraiture of me and my kids ...which was a surprise for my husband. The pictures were awesome! It's great to see Babies by Bazal evolve over the years and expanding her scope of work. One thing worth noting is that her services are affordable and worth every cedi!
    Dr Mavis Owureku-Asare
  • Zara Laryea-pyne
    So I chanced on Babies by Bazal on Instagram two years ago when I was looking for someone to capture my son’s milestone for me. The first time I met Bazal, she was so welcoming, warm and down to earth. She’s has  captured all my son’s milestones since he was just 4 months to our recent Mother’s Day shoot 2 years later. The quality of the pictures are top notch, delivery time and on point, not to talk of customer service, they know their job. I will recommend Babies by Bazal to anyone, any day. Their services are just impeccable.
    Zara Laryea-pyne
  • Lily Lokko
    Bazal simply has the magic touch!!! For lack of better ways to describe what she does! My first experience with her was in 2018 with my first daughter for her first birthday shoot. I was super nervous because this little Madam was very people-selective and didn't go to new faces easily, and for good reason too. We got to the studio and there was tears for almost an hour, I honestly felt so discouraged! Imagine my surprise when by the end of the shoot she had relaxed and even gave us a tiny smile. When I received her gallery a week later I was hooked for life!!! The photos were amazing, surprisingly natural and captured oh so beautifully! I can confidently say I bring her some of the most challenging sessions because my second daughter was even more difficult to photograph! But Bazal managed to nail her shoots too and even more beautifully! I'm someone who's big on photos and memories and every single time I enter her studio I leave super satisfied. I constantly have people suggesting other photographers who seem cheaper but the truth is the value on the way Bazal captures my memories and kids milestones is PRICELESS!!!... I think part of the magic comes from her going the extra mile to get desired results. The other part is sheer talent!!! God bless you Bazal darling... And take you and your work to greater heights!
    Lily Lokko
  • Carlien Biezui
    Babies by Bazal is the best ever!! I love love her studio, it is such a dream! She really is an EXPERT at what she does. Her aura  is so calming and she gently handles babies, even strong-willed ones like my daughter. As a first time Mum, it was so important for me to capture my baby at different developmental milestones. Also as a creative person myself, I would get to her studio armed with so many props outside what we have agreed on and Bazal would in her calm way find out how I want to incorporate them and do exactly that. Our pictures from our Newborn, first christmas, half year, One year and 2nd Christmas are to die for. Beyond photograpy, Bazal gave me health and nutrition tips for my darling girl when she wasn't well, gave us recommendations for nursery schools and even our first set of rhymes and nursery songs. She is all sorts of Ah-mazing! Did I say how awesome she is at what she does? Her patience is so admirable, she has time for babies eh! We love you Bazal!!! God made them beautifully, Babies by Bazal captures them magically!
    Carlien Biezui
  • Vilawoe Missonou
    My experience with Babies by Bazal has been nothing short of awesome with loads of memories captured so beautifully. My first session was in 2017 when my son turned 3 months and 3 years later with 5 milestones captured by this amazing team, I couldn't be more pleased! She makes each session so unique. So much thought and planning...from theme selection, wardrobe advise to the late night calls just to make sure all is set. I still remember my 1st son's second birthday photo session, lil man just refused to cooperate yet Bazal had all the patience in the world for us. And when at that same session I mentioned I was pregnant the joy was pure, like that of a friend and not just a vendor. Right away she started throwing in ideas for my maternity and newborn sessions. Months down the line, these were also captured beautifully. I'm happy to be a part of this family, I'm a truly satisfied client and I'll recommend Babies by Bazal anytime anyday!
    Vilawoe Missonou